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Body Flex –exclusive weight management program for people who love food

Start with a healthy body! This exclusive weight management system can help you get fit, be healthy, feel energetic and burn excess body fat at the same time. The science behind weight management is pretty clear yet a majority of people find it a difficult task. This six week course will provide you with simple steps to improved health with a focus on getting and staying on track mentally. You’ll be surprise and how having a healthy body can open doors in other areas of your life.

Oxy Break for Stress Free Life

Learn how to relax, improve nightly sleep, feel more energetic than ever before and live a stress free life with this unique breathing technique. Here’s the straight fact no one has ever shared with you before: oxygen fuels your body just as much if not more than food consumption does. If you’re suffering from a lack of energy, an overabundance of stress, have a sore back and shoulders, then this is the program you’ve been looking for. You don’t have to learn to live with this stress; we have the techniques you need to break free from unnecessary stress.

Vision4Life Coaching Program

Accelerate the results, tap into your full potential and gain invaluable insight and focus. Gain the “know-how” and life skills to apply to your personal life or work and you will notice immediate changes in the way you feel act and think. Our participants learn how to overcome procrastination to be more efficient, find inner balance and piece, find direction and purpose in every action they choose to take. It doesn’t matter if your goals are personal or business orientated, Vision4Life one-on-one and group sessions can help you achieve exactly what you are striving for!

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“It was a fantastic experience for me. I am practicing Oxy Break everyday for 15 minutes and feel dramatic changes in my emotional state. I never thought I could achieve so much with just a simple breathing technique. ”

Monica, 37 (Auckland, NZ)

"I have enjoyed the Body Flex Course, specially the additional information that was given by the instructor. As a result I have lost 9cm around my waist line and thighs in 2 weeks, I've stopped smaking and I am feeling much more energy than ever before."

Naomi Kaleta, 41

“V4L coaching is helping me stay focused. I have finally set the right goals for myself, made huge progress in my personal life and my career, and rebuilt my relationship with my dad.”

Damian, 37 (Auckland)

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