About Us

Hello, my name is Anastasia. What a pleasure it is that you are choosing to meet me here.

Just a little about me!

Empowering people to live the life they want, and be the person they truly want to be is my life purpose and passion.

I am a Wellness coach and founder of Vision4Life. I have been actively involved in the wellness industry for over 10years, which includes formal ongoing training. Since 2011, I have been doing extensive real life and online training with Life In) Balance in Australia and have obtained my certification in Life Coaching with Abundance Coaching. I am also a practicing hypnotherapist, currently training for my Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnosis with the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy, Auckland.

Learning how to take better healthier care of the body and its overall wellbeing was not an option but a choice. My mother received a diagnosis from her doctor of a terminal disease, Hepatitis B. Her life expectancy was only 2 years. Within months of this diagnosis, my father received the same fate. Since then, it has been a long and arduous journey of researching, learning, testing and studying alternative natural ways of healing the body. I was very fortunate to have learnt form the best health specialists in Russia, France and the United States who were assisting my parents to beat the odds by sharing with us their knowledge about wellness, health and beauty.

With the knowledge I have gained from these experts, together with my parents’ openness to work with the wellness guidance to change their lifestyles, they have recovered completely. A true testimony for they are both in great health and in the best shape of their lives!

This experience alone, gave me insight and a complete awareness that health and wellness is a crucial part in one’s life, just to be able to enjoy time with the people you love and to do what you want! For this, I am happy to share with you everything I have learnt.

What is Vision4Life?

Vision4Life is a wellness  for those who believe there are always a better way of living and an opportunity to improve some aspects of their life. So, let me ask you some questions:

  • Are you willing and wanting to believe?
  • Is it time for you to begin your wellness journey for life?
  • Are you willing to explore the possibilities that you might have not seen before?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then I am excited to invite you on your very own wellness journey with Vision4Life.

Vision4Life will introduce you to wellness tools and practical and valuable information to assist you in developing resourceful approaches for a better life. It will also help you identify your limitations, which stop you from becoming a better YOU and having the life you deserve.

What’s the next step?

All you need to do is CONTACT ME (http://www.vision4lifepro.co.nz/contact.html and set up a FREE no obligation session to find out how you will benefit from  Vision4Life wellness journey .



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