My Five-Year Wellness Journey


Like most of you, I am a firm believer that huj there will always be a way, regardless of how hopeless or complicated the problem is, there will always be a better way. This becomes my driving force, my personal mantra in life, which extremely helps me in my weight loss journey. It is more than just shedding off the excess pound.  This mantra allows me to be fit, look great, and feel awesome with less effort and minimal time investment.
The new beginning

Before we proceed, there is an important fact that readejklllrs should know – I have never experienced any weight issues before I moved to New Zealand. Before, one of my dreams was to become a professional dancer, however for various reasons, it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, dancing and performing became very significant parts of my life.
Again, before I came to New Zealand, 8 years ago, I was in great shape and was really conscious about my health. Since then, huge changes happened in my life. I was in my early 20s, being very far from my family for the first time in my life. Every day was filled with anticipation and excitement.  I was about to explore a mysterious and adventurous place on the planet and I was very much welcoming to whatever challenges life had to offer.

Things were going smoothly at the onset- I met new people from all over the world, learned new languages, had fun with my friends, tasted various cuisines and delicacies, drank coffee and had lots of takeaways. Everything felt like an amazing holiday, yet sadly, it had to end soon.

After my graduation from an English school, things became a bit more complicated. I had to make significant decisions about my future, with insufficient funds, no job, and no idea on what to do next and where to go. This uncertainty in my life left me with feelings of doubt, loneliness, fears of failure and frustration. In addition, there were immigration issues that brought even more uncertainty into my life.  This entire situation was dragging along for 3 long months…

poplThen, I woke up one day, realizing that I have become slightly bigger.

The Struggle

To help you visualize how big I have become, I started trying all the nice clothes I brought with me from home and I was not able to squeeze into  those clothes

When I bought a personal weighing scale, I was shocked on how much I gained in just three months. My weight then was 18 kilograms more than my usual weight. It seemed that I gained that amount of weight overnight. As a person who has no weight issues before and being petite, this makes the additional 18 kilograms unbearable and inconvenient. I felt heavy and stiff. Unfortunately, my weight gain is not the only thing I noticed, my health was declining.

After I noticed my weight gain and health declination, the very first thing that crossed my mind was to get rid of the excess weight as soon as possible. This prompted me to rush to the nearest gym. In my haste, I injured my knees and left my body sore for two weeks!  Since I can’t exercise, I started trying the most popular diets and kept changing one after the other.

Unfortunately, religiously following diets was too difficult. It made me starved most of the time and my body could just not handle it. Instead of burning the excess body fat, my body just tried to preserve every single calorie that I consumed. After trying out different dietshoh, I only got bigger which made me feel worse – both physically and emotionally.

I knew that the choices I made will not bring any positive results to my body but I still persisted in these vain efforts  hoping that one day it’ll work. When I was so stressed out one day, I found myself deliberately eating cookies and muffins on the street, so that my flat mates would not catch me eating them at home. This furtive way of indulging myself was embarrassing. It made me realized that my weight issues were more than just a physical issue.

I had to change my tactics and strategies to achieve a healthy weight loss. So, I started listening to what my body is telling me and I started to examine my eating habits.

The Healthy Way

Finally, I found out what my body likes to eat, when it wanted to eat, and when it wanted to stop. I also took notes of my eating patterns and  reinforchohed mindful eating habits. I also did a lot of dancing which I made my exercise.  This process was more fun and fulfilling for me. I was able to lose a significant amount of weight, from 64kg to 54kg. Surprisingly, this was the healthiest weight I have achieved for my body. Everything was going great, I was able to gradually reduce my body weight and maintain my body shape until April of 2011, when I found out that I was expecting my 1st child.

After hohgiving birth, I faced other challenges:  baby weight, signs of postnatal depression and back pain. Most of the time, I had to look after my newborn baby on my own, since my husband had to work long hours. I had no one to talk to or seek help from and on top of that I wasn’t feeling well all the time. Honestly, it was difficult to stay at home and be a full time mum.

Sadly, I was not able to do standard workouts and dancing because of my weakened backhoh muscles. I started searching for other ways to exercise and make me feel better. When I had a holiday in Russia, I found a really interesting and powerful tool – breathing exercise, which was super effective and really popular in Russia at that time. I underwent training and learned the importance of proper breathing and oxygen’s benefits to the body.

Life changing programs

hohI have transformed the exercise into two complete wellness programs: Oxy Break and Body Flex Weight Management Programs.

These programs enable me to stay fit, feel light, breathe easily, and enjoy my life more. I become more relaxed, more positive and move around easily, which also allows me to save more time and money. I have more time with my family and it even brings us closer, since we do the programs together with my husband and daughter at home.

These two programs are so simple yet offer fantastic values and life changing guidance that are essential. These have helped me and many others to achieve a healthy and fit body and start enjoying life even more. I felt that it would be selfish of me if I did not share this opportunity, because of the dramatic difference I have experienimageced after I started following the programs. Now, I am enjoying the benefits of these two wellness programs: Oxy Break and Body Flex Weight Management Programs.

I have gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding through running special Body Flex and Oxy Break classes body_flex_anastasia_mockup_082814for one year. This was an unforgettable and very rewarding experience. My students shared with me that they enjoyed the process and felt the fantastic benefits in following the program. However, some of them returned to their comfort zones, giving plenty of excuses not to continue. This was a problem that I wanted to solve, so that I can help my students to stay focused and keep them motivated. This was the main reason why I have recorded my program on DVD.

Now Oxy Break and Body Flex Programs are available to everyone right here at You too can reap the benefits of these programs, if you allow me to share them with you.

Why am I so passionate about helping people, read here


Amazing Tips for Perfect Body Weight

Knowing your perfect body weight can be an important factor in your health. If you are trying to lose, or even gain weight – your goal should be a perfect body weight within the ranges that studies have deemed the healthiest.


Why do we want men to have broad shoulders?

Why is it attractive for women to have narrow waists and healthy hips?

The answers to those questions, we view certain physical traits as desirable in members of each sex: an X-shaped physique for men implies virility and strength; an hourglass shaped body on a woman, on the other hand, implies fertility and good mothering.

The media tells us about perfect body weight, that women need to be as tiny as possible, and men should be big, muscular, and have washboard abs. Here’s the truth: strong is healthy and healthy is sexy.


Women have been asking ‘how much should I weigh?’ and ‘What’s a healthy weight for me?’ Both very difficult questions to answer, especially because it is always controversial to tell someone their ‘perfect body weight’. Studies have shown that up to 97% of women and 80% of men are unhappy with their bodies and overall appearance.


In order to get perfect body weight you need simply  achieve aerobic state  – the state when the body is able to take in, transport and utilize oxygen and supply it working muscle, and burn fat. To get to this state with standard workout you will  need apx 30 min. . If you don’t have time for it, then Body Flex is definitely for you. Because With BF it takes 3 min. also BF proven to burn 140% more fat than cardio workout. It fills your body with energy with no risk of injuries; it is safe even for people with disabilities.  

With the bF technique we are able to direct oxygenated blood to problem areas like hips, thighs, arms and waist line. As a result we burn the fat on a cellular level and toning muscles at the same time. The end result is beautiful, slim body, younger looking face and you feel great.

Keep in mind perfect body weight is achievable and keeping a balanced diet full of healthy food is necessary. Drink a lot of water. Increase fruits intake. Prefer eating vegetables and salad. For perfect body weight demands combination of every nutrition in a balanced way.


We can easily calculate our perfect body weight on internet, and we would be surprised to know that perfection doesn’t lie in being skinny or muscular; it is knowing what goes well with our height and body shape. Our genetics contribute a lot in defining our body shape. Therefore, one should take a deep breath and relax, our perfect body weight is something within us and we can get it through patience, handwork and consistency.

Loosen up! Achieve the power of Body Flexibility

The word “stretching” typically brings to mind guys decked out in sweatpants and high socks with their foot up high reaching for their toes. Turns out that isn’t the only way to improve body flexibility. Your routine in the gym can have a drastic affect on your ability to touch your toes. The exercises in your workout combined with nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle choices can all have an impact on your body flexibility. Improving your bending ability is crucial for more than just preventing injury. In fact, body flexibility training is an important aspect of gaining strength and size.

Flexibility is the third pillar of fitness, next to cardiovascular conditioning and strength training,” says David Geier, the director of sports medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina

When most people think of flexibility, they picture someone like a dancer, a gymnast, or a yogi. Body flexibility doesn’t simply mean the ability to take your joints through great ranges of motion, regardless of what tissues stretched to get you there. A Flexible Spine is a Powerful Spine. The sit and reach test measures how far a person can reach beyond their toes while in a sitting position. This is a common objective measure of flexibility

Common behaviors, like hunching over the computer, can shorten some muscles. That, along with the natural loss of muscle elasticity that occurs with aging, can set you up so any quick or awkward motion (lunging to catch a glass before it teeters off the table, for example) could stretch your muscles beyond their limit, resulting in a strain or a tear. Try these six stretches after your regular cardio or strength workout (aim to do them five times a week).

Even though there’s no secret about burning unwanted body fat, a lot of people think it’s an impossible mission to achieve. These are the benefits that you will gain with Body flex workout:

You will burn your excess body fat and become slimmer. You will be provided with a deep lung ventilation. This is of great benefit for smokers. Your digestion and metabolism will be greatly improved. Your internal organs will be massaged and your stomach size reduced. You will experience a general well being, look much younger and feel amazing.

 You will tone up your body and increase your muscle tone, strength and stamina.

All these results are guaranteed to be visible within one week of doing the Body flex workout and it takes only 15 minutes a day to do!

Body flex program contains special positions that  help to increase body flexibility and achieve lean and healthy looking body.




Side Stretch standing position Is one the  of the most efficient ways to stretch some of the major muscles of the back and sides, which may leave your lower back feeling more comfortable and flexible.

Leg Extension (standing position)

Benefits: This pose gives a complete stretch to the neck, back, hamstrings, and calves. It improves flexibility of your spine, strengthens your legs, enhances digestion, and aids in blood circulation. As a result, you will get smooth skin on your legs with no cellulite


 Benefits: the positions tones the spinal nerves and ligaments, improves digestion, and stretches the back side of your legs, smoothing the cellulite.

Front Split

Benefits:  a very calming and yet energizing position. With this pose, women find it relieving and beneficial during their menstruation. As for men, the pose stretches their hamstrings and reduces sciatic pain


Benefits : hamstrings are being stretched, resulting to a very calming and yet energizing activity. With this pose, women find it relieving and beneficial during their menstruation. As for men, the pose stretches their hamstrings and reduces sciatic pain.

But to accomplish all this you first need to make up your mind and learn specific breathing techniques for better blood circulation. There is no secret about how to lose unwanted body fat and yet it appears to be “mission impossible” for people who are trying to slim down, get fitter or gain body flexibility. That is why Body Flex offers a simple step by step instructions and simple complex of exercise combined with unique breathing technique that will help you to achieve outstanding results in 2 weeks. Flexibility makes buildings to be stronger, imagine what it can do to your soul. Our specially designed program would help you reach your goal of body flexibility more easily. We are proud of its fast result driven techniques.